Our Services

  • Bill Paying – processing bill payments, reconciling credit card statements. If desired, set up automatic bill payments.
  • Banking – prepare and deliver bank deposits, reconcile bank accounts, maintain bank records
  • Payroll – for household help and caregivers using a payroll service that will directly deposit the funds into the employees bank account, provide pay stubs weekly, generate and file tax reports with state and federal agencies, make tax payments, prepare and send out W-2s or 1099 tax documents to the employees,
  • Billing Errors: Work with creditors to resolve billing errors, provide documentation
  • Fraud: Contact banks and credit reporting agencies to put a credit watch on all financial accounts, work with local law enforcement to identify the thief, file police report, using Forensic Accounting, provide documentation of the fraud
  • Budgetingcreate and maintain



  • Medical – Medicare – track payments made, explanation of benefits
  • Medical – Medicare Supplemental Insurance – track payments, explanation of benefits
  • Medical – Medicare Part D – Rx insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance – review policy, file for benefits as needed
  • Life Insurance – Home Owners Insurance – scheduled articles,
  • Excess Liability, Unbrella Policies, Rental Insurance, Auto Insurance


Income Tax Returns /Trust Tax Returns – working with your trusted professional, will collect, organize and supply any or all documentation for deductible expenses, assist with filing the returns and tax payments, make quarterly estimated tax payments, if needed.


Title Assets into a Trust

  • Maintain yearly financial records / Records Retention
  • Quicken / QuickBooks: assist with set up, input correction, create reports as needed.
  • Fiduciary Services: will act as power of attorney under special circumstances
  • Estate Matters: work with the executor and trustee providing the will, trust, insurance contracts, asset listing, transition bills and mail, notify creditors and service providers, change of address.
  • Office Services: correspondence, mailing lists, filing systems, organization
  • Notary Service: for legal documents requiring your signature
  • Referrals:   for legal, tax, financial planning, home health care agencies, geriatric care managers, movers, house sales, charity donation of household goods, home maintenance, handyman services.
  • Liaison with your POA for property and health, as needed, keeping them informed of any potential problems.